Abdominal Liposuction

As the overall perception of plastic surgery changes, more and more people are considering abdominal liposuction an option to correct undesirable features. It is currently the most commonly performed plastic surgery in both men and women in Sydney. With an estimated 500,000 surgeries performed per year, it is clear that it is no longer just for celebrities.
How Does it Work?

Abdominal liposuction removes subcutaneous abdominal fat, which is stored just between the skin and muscle layer. In a typical surgery, a surgeon will cut a tiny hole into the skin after the area to be worked on has been anesthetized. A hollow needle, called a cannula, is then inserted deep into the fat tissue and pulled back and forth to loosen fat cells. The dislodged cells will be completely removed, permanently taking away their ability to grow in that location. Since leftover fat does not migrate or redistribute by itself, the surgeon’s job is to carefully choose where to remove cells in order to sculpt a desired shape.
Who is a Successful Candidate?

Abdominal liposuction is preferred for a number of conditions, including post pregnancy belly fat, C-section bulge, agerelated weight gain, and genetic predispositions to excess subcutaneous abdominal fat. Many people wonder if they might also need a tummy tuck procedure if they are very overweight or have a lot of loose skin due to older age. This is often not the case as liposuction techniques have advanced to get satisfactory results without needing the more invasive tummy tuck. Further, many patients end up so pleased with liposuction results that they decide not to go in for a second procedure. As with most surgeries, the healthier you can be in preparation for it, the less risk and more success you will have as a result.


How to Find a Good Surgeon

Have you ever known that person who will only patronize a service or particular business if it has been recommended by someone else? While this helps a great deal, there is definitely more to consider when going in for liposuction. A good plastic surgeon will not only have lots of before and after photos, but loads of testimonial information from patients who have had the same surgery you are interested in. Additionally, the surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or an equally respected certification from the country in which you will be getting work done. It is wise to do your homework as many countries, including the United States, allow licensed doctors to perform plastic surgery without a qualified certification.


Decide What Your Expectations Are

Any good doctor would say that one of the biggest factors to a successful surgery is having healthy, reasonable expectations. Many people want dramatic results, but it is also important that results look natural. For example, if too much fat is removed from the abdominal area, a harder feel would be left in place of the thin, soft waist that is often desired by many female patients and their partners. Therefore, rather than wanting as much fat removed as possible, it is important to talk to your physician about what shape and overall look you want to achieve. Depending on factors like your bone structure and skin elasticity, most doctors can help you reach or even exceed your goals.

Whether it is to get rid of that tiny bulge that crunches cannot seem to cure or to help change your shape completely, abdominal liposuction has become an option for a developing number of people. Taking the time to learn about the procedure before getting it done can make a phenomenal difference in the success of your surgery.


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