Freeze liposuction surgery

If you are looking for honest reviews and a listing of the best freeze liposuction clinics,  this listing will provide with real life accounts of patients who have went through this freezing liposuction procedure. If you have not heard about this non surgical liposuction procedure, you will find the details below.

What is freeze liposuction the real official name of freeze liposuction is called zeltiq or zeltiq treatments. It works by using cryolipolysis machines that runs freezing water through pipes that surround the patient sitting in the machine. As this is purely non invasive liposuction, patients need not go through any surgery at all.

What can freeze liposuction be used on freeze liposuction can be applied to help you contour your body in certain body parts. Specifically, if you want get rid of tummy fats or bulging areas in your inner and outer thighs as well as in the hip and back areas, zeltiq treatment is a good choice. For smaller areas such as chin, neck or facial, other types of techniques such as laser liposuction or slim liposuction will be more effective due to their precision. In fact, the smaller the area, the more ineffective zeltiq will be.

Zeltiq liposuction is not meant to help obese people overcome their weight loss problem. This can only be resolved through healthy living. Freeze liposuction is meant for healthy people who are looking for help to remove fats in stubborn areas that are resistant to regular exercising. It is also good for a quick fix such as liposuction before wedding.


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